Jobs For Military Intelligence Officers

Jobs For Military Intelligence Officers – Intelligence jobs are among the most capable in the fleet, and each is a critical component of operational success. Sailors in military intelligence, information, or cryptology jobs are responsible for protecting classified information, translating and interpreting enemy code, disabling cyber attacks, and navigating the oceans without leaving a trace.

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Jobs For Military Intelligence Officers

Depending on your work in this field, you may also be paid to earn a master’s degree in electrical engineering, cyber systems and operations, computer science, C4I, space systems, information systems, or modeling and simulation.

Military Services Competing Over The Same Recruiting Pool Of Less Than 500,000

For details on specific intelligence, information and education for cryptology careers, select a job below. You can also find more details about educational opportunities for sailors or enlisted officers here.

Depending on your job, the salary and benefits commensurate with your role will vary. You can count on regular promotions, salary increases and world-class benefits that rival any civilian employer. Many sailors may also be eligible for sign-on bonuses depending on their region. Each sailor is guaranteed:

There are part-time reserve opportunities for sailors and enlisted officers in intelligence, information and cryptology jobs. You can keep many of your full-time benefits while serving just one weekend a month and two weeks a year for annual training. As a Marine or Reserve officer, you will protect and support America without interrupting your life in the civilian world.

To find out what the exact reserve requirements are for the career you are interested in, select one of the jobs below to learn more.

Complete List Of Army Enlisted Mos

Emerge as a true leader by commanding the fleet, crew and all critical systems aboard critical vessels. Petty Officer 2nd Class Nathan Moyer, an intelligence specialist, receives the designation Expeditionary Combat Specialist. (Petty Officer 2nd Class Brian Weirs / US Naval Forces Central Command)

Little is known about the organization or its activities, but it is clear that they operate as an intelligence unit and participate in many missions around the world. The Pentagon often denies knowledge of their activities or even their existence, and they have sometimes been given different names to misdirect any inquiry into their identities or activities. Originally known as Task Force Orange, other names included Centra Spike, Torn Victor and Gray Fox.

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Before operating under the name ISA, the group was called the Field Operations Group (FOG). FOG was developed out of a perceived need for more intelligence gathering capabilities for the US. When the hostages were taken at the Tehran embassy in 1980, it became clear that the FOG needed to become a larger group with more resources. On 3 March 1981, FOG was made permanent and renamed ISA.

The ISA specializes in human intelligence gathering, intelligence warnings and warfare. Their unique capabilities are called upon when other special operations forces are unable to complete their mission due to gaps in intelligence. These missions included locating Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, locating Army General James Dozier when he was kidnapped by the Red Brigades in 1981, and setting up lookouts in Afghanistan to protect friendly forces in the area.

Civilian Jobs After Serving In Military Intelligence

Accessing ISA is not easy; Candidates must already be part of a Special Operations Forces group. Candidates then go through a series of assessment and selection courses, as well as background checks and psychological tests. Once accepted, candidates must pass an operations training course, which teaches infiltration techniques, advanced air operations, offensive and off-road guidance, personal protective measures and communications.

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Navy SEAL testing could reveal the extent of performance-enhancing drug use — and trigger legal battles, the move said.

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Special Recon, Direct Action. Sound like you? Special Operations Forces are America’s elite commandos. They are called upon to perform the most difficult tasks in the armed forces, and their actions directly affect the defense of America’s freedom. Are you one of them?

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Special Operations Command (SOCOM): Overview USSOCOM receives, reviews, coordinates, and prioritizes all Department of Defense plans that support the global counterterrorism campaign.

Military Intelligence (35): Army Co Job Profile

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Here is the first obstacle of the USMC obstacle course. I’ve seen a few of these stop… depending on your skills and what you’ve learned during your time in the military, there are many different paths you can take after military life is over. Here are 4 post-military career options if you’ve worked in military intelligence.

An information security analyst protects a company’s systems and networks. They are responsible for protecting important information from hackers and people who shouldn’t have access to it.

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Your experience with signals intelligence and electronic warfare may be applicable to this type of situation. Computer and programming experience is important. Being able to work well with others and remaining calm under pressure are also important skills for this type of job.

To become an information security analyst, you must have a bachelor’s degree. Focusing in a major that includes programming courses, computer science courses, information technology, or a related subject is ideal.

Some industries may want you to get a graduate degree, such as an MBA that focuses on information systems. In this type of job, you might work for a computer company, a consulting firm, a business, or a financial company.

A database administrator creates and maintains large-scale databases and ensures that only those with appropriate permissions can access any protected information. They are responsible for storing, organizing, presenting, using and analyzing data and database management software.

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While in military intelligence, you had to handle and deliver sensitive information, and you can use those skills in this civilian career. You will need to be very computer literate and have a certificate or associate degree. Some employers want you to have a bachelor’s degree or even a master’s degree. You may be employed by companies and organizations and may be required to travel to different countries.

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A detective gathers evidence for criminal investigations, works with law enforcement, interviews suspects and witnesses, reviews records, observes people, and participates in making arrests.

Being a spy requires physical and mental skills that you acquired while in the military, beyond detective skills. You also have experience in high stress situations and leadership. Various government agencies also like to hire ex-servicemen, so this career can be a good option after the military.

A high school diploma is required and some locations may require a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice or law enforcement. Law enforcement experience also usually depends on the employer. If you want to be a spy, this might be the best way to do it.

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A market research analyst will monitor a company’s market conditions, evaluate marketing campaigns, and collect data on competitors and customers. They present their findings to management so they can figure out how to help their company. They use statistics, surveys and interviews as well as other data collection methods.

You can use your strong communication skills as well as analyze data to help you on this career path. Being detail oriented is also important. To become a market research analyst, you probably need a bachelor’s degree, but many go on to earn more advanced degrees and professional certifications. Taking classes in business, marketing, social sciences, mathematics, economics, computer science and statistics may be a good idea. You can also get certified by the Marketing Research Association (MRA).

In the military, there are many career options in military intelligence, from military intelligence officer MOS 35F to an intelligence analyst MOS 35F.

In the Navy, they have an intelligence specialist or an intelligence officer. And in the Marine Corps, MOS 0231 is Intelligence Specialist and MOS 0261 is Geographic Intelligence.

New Mos And Formations Could Come To Army Spec Ops In Tech Savvy Era

For the Air Force, 1N is Intelligence and the Coast Guard has an Intelligence Specialist career path.

When you’re in military intelligence, you work for it

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